Self catering in Llandudno has never been easier and more luxurious than here at the Tram Station Cottage. Situated on the slopes of the Great Orme, we are ideally situated above Llandudno Bay, and only a few minutes away from our neighbouring towns. We also take pride in those neighbouring towns and their rich, interesting history. Alongside our hometown of Llandudno’s fantastic Victorian heritage, the medieval town of Conwy boats a fantastic historical narrative, which has left behind some truly spectacular landmarks for everyone to enjoy today, and what better time of year to enjoy the beauty of North Wales’ history than Christmas!

Conwy maintains the aesthetic of a much older Wales whilst still managing to adapt to the modern building requirements of today. The castle and fortress walls surround the quayside town and are an essential part of the rich heritage. The castle walls have been completely untouched by the modernisation of the town inside and are considered some of the most well preserved medieval structures in the UK.

In fact, the heritage is so important to locals and historians alike that there is a celebration of history on the 9th December that proudly displays the many aesthetics of the past. The Conwy Winterfest is a collection of street entertainers, musicians, choirs, Morris dancers and even some sword fighting. A parade, led by an eccentric jester, will march through the streets with a warm glow from the many blazing torches.

A large majority of the shops will remain open during the Christmas event. If you need a new sword for your armour, then The Knight Shop will still be open and ready to accommodate your needs. There are plenty of cafes and tea rooms open in Conwy during the event should you wish to acquire some refreshments. Conwy Winterfest will be open from 4 pm until 7 pm, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make a day of it, as Conwy has enough to keep the whole family entertained throughout the entire day!

If you are lucky enough to have booked the Tram Station Cottage this December then you are certainly in for a treat! Not only do you get to enjoy the winter wonderland of Llandudno, but you get to explore some more of the North Wales coast and delve into times long past!